Monitoring building health; e.g. intruding water, insulation failure, moisture in the constructions, or construction failure.


Monitoring energy consumption; e.g. heat, pumps, ventilation, air-condition, light, energy billing, etc. in buildings, and production machinery in production units.


Monitorring performance of technical installations; e.g. proactive maintenance, commissioning, metering operation time, and alarm in case of deviations.




Project 732582



Installation: Easy installation, on cables.


Usable in building installations: It can harvest energy inside buildings, where the existing energy harvesting solutions are not possible.


Non-invasive: It is simply clamped onto the outside of existing multi-core/multi-phase cables.


Application: Powering sensors, avoiding sensor batteries.


Maintenance free sensor energy supply.


Long life: The RePower solution is constructed of standard electronics components with an expected lifetime of more than 40 years.


Environmental friendly: It overcomes the environmental burdens of using batteries.


Safety: There is no interference with high voltage, and the risk of fire due to short-circuit batteries is avoided.


The development of RePower is co-funded by the European Union’s SME Instrument phase 1 and phase 2, under the H2020 programme. This program is considered the European Champions League for SMEs.

The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 732582